February 22, 2017


Designation of Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) and First Appellate Authority (FAA) for the purpose of the Right to Information (RTI) Act,2015.

Shri. Mohammad Shadaab, AVP (Legal)
4th Floor, World Mark 1 (East Wing), Asset 11,
Hospitality District, Aerocity,
New Delhi 110037
Dr. Abhishek Gupta,
Executive Vice President (Support)
Goods and Services Tax Network
East Wing, 4th Floor, World Mark – 1, Aerocity,
New Delhi – 110037
Telephone: 011-49111305

Mandatory provisions of Right To Information Act, 2005. (Clauses b (i) to (xvii) under Section 4, Sub-section 1 of RTI, Act)

RTI Section 4(b) (i) to (xvii)Particulars (of respective clause) under the RTI Act Information furnished by GSTN
(i) The particulars of its organisation, functions and duties.GSTN is a private limited company registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. The company is headed by a Chairman who is appointed by the Government of India. The CEO is the overall in-charge of the functioning of the company and is assisted by three Executive Vice Presidents and other employees across various verticals. The following information is provided on the Organization and functions of the Company:
1.Memorandum of Association
2.Articles of Association
3.Certificate of incorporation

(ii)The powers and duties of its officers and employees.The powers and duties of officers and employees including delegation of financial powers have been provided in the Finance & Accounts Manual of the company. The HR management of the company is in accordance with the approved HR policy. The Finance & Accounts Manual and HR Policy have been approved by the Board.
(iii)The procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountabilityThe decision making is in accordance with the approved organization structure. The policy level decisions are taken by the Board of Directors. The operational decisions are taken by the Chairman in consultation with the senior management in terms of the delegation of powers approved by the Board.

The company has appointed an Internal Auditor and is also under the Audit jurisdiction of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India.
(iv)The norms set by it for the discharge of its functionsThe detailed norms including delegation of powers for discharge of functions have been approved by the Board.
(v)The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records, held by it or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functionsThe rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records for discharging of functions have been approved by the Board
(vi)A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control.1. Documents relating to incorporation of the Company as mentioned under clause (i) above.
2. Documents relating to Board/Committee meetings.
3. Documents relating to procurement of goods and services by GSTN.
4. Annual Statement of Accounts/Balance sheet for each year.
(vii) The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof1. The objectives of the Company are laid down in the MoA of the company.
2. Policies relating to the Company are decided by the Board of Directors.
3. The delegation of Financial Powers and HR management is in accordance with the Rules and Manuals approved by the Board.
(viii) A statement of the boards, councils, committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice, and as to whether meetings of those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public.1. The following are the Board and Advisory Committees constituted by GSTN:
  • Board of Directors
  • Committees
    • HR Committee
    • Executive Committee
    • Change Advisory Board
    • Security Advisory Board
    • Advisory Committee

2.The meetings of the above bodies are not open to public.
3.The minutes of the meetings are not open to public.
(ix)A directory of its officers and employeesEmployee Directory

  • The above information has been furnished as it stands on the date of furnishing such information which may or may not change from time to time.