User Manual for Vendor Acceptance Certificate Tracking Application

Vendor Acceptance Certificate Tracking Application enables the vendor to submit the acceptance certificate for the completed work or part of the work as per RFP/Work Contract. The GSTN SPOC will review the submitted Acceptance Certificate and provide Approval or Rejection of Acceptance Certificate. In case of rejection, reason of rejection has to be specified by the GSTN SPOC.

The process of Vendor Acceptance Certificate consists of:

Pre-Login Activities:

  1. The Vendor has to select the required Acceptance Certificate as per the RFP/Work Contract needed to raise an invoice.
  2. He has to fill in the columns that is required to be completed on part of the vendor.
  3. After filling in the columns, the vendor should scan the Acceptance Certificate, upload and submit the application.

Post Login Activities:

The vendor login using the credentials provided. He has to provide below mentioned details and submit the application.

  • LOA/PO No : Letter of Award / Purchase order reference number
  • Name of the GSTN Unit : Division for which Tender applied
  • GSTN SPOC : Division owner
  • Milestone : Type of Services
  • Description / Comments for Acceptance Certificate : Work completed as per specification in RFP
  • Upload the Required Acceptance Certificate ( PDF – max allowed size is 1MB)


The GSTN SPOC will review and provide the approval or rejection of the Acceptance Certificate by selection Yes or No option of Request Accepted. In case of approval, the required Acceptance certificate will be uploaded. In case of rejection, reason for rejection will be provided.

Note : In case of any system assistance , kindly report to Mr. Tilak Negi Email tilak[dot]negi@gstn[dot]org[dot]in